About Me

A deep curiosity, solid experience and years of research around human behaviour led me to realise that conventional ways of motivating people to either work for or buy from a business, often miss the mark.

Command, control, bonuses and persuasion aren’t giving businesses what they need.   We’re all led by complex stuff that goes on in our subconscious so trying to control or convince people by a set of logical rules doesn’t fully achieve the results you’re looking for.

Taking a more unconventional route wasn’t an easy one for me in the early days, as businesses have been doing things in the same way for years.  Convincing them to take a more ‘out there’ approach has required tenacity and a strong belief.

I’ve now pushed through the quizzical looks, I’ve convinced people to try things in new ways, I’ve tested my theories and been delighted to see the change in people when they realise that approaching things differently really works.

I’ve worked in senior roles across e-Commerce, Marketing, Technology and Customer Service, along with Director-level business change projects.  With my primary skills laying in customer experience design, staff engagement and long-term culture change, I bring new approaches, fresh ideas and cross-functional buy in.

After managing a large team of customer service consultants early in my career, the need to get into the customer’s mind became central to my approach and has been a key driver ever since.  With a passion for finding different ways to connect with people, I went on to work in Marketing and e-Commerce, heading up an online content team and managing a large Facebook group.  I was then asked to present the (then) new concept of Social Media by the CEO of Thomas Cook, gaining strong support from the board. I started with ‘Why people get social online’ and the rest was easy.

Underpinning my creative side with firm process disciplines, I’ve also led large-scale technical implementations and process change projects. My success in these projects supports my belief that collaborative outcomes lie in a deep level of understanding between all parties – stakeholders, customers and each member of the delivery team.

I also form part of the Global Innovation Management team ‘Think Innovation Management‘, working with some of the best innovators in the country.  This enables me to deliver creative workshops to encourage ‘outside the box’ thinking.

I believes that a strong people-centric approach creates something which has real longevity; preventing the ‘reset to factory settings’ effect that so often happens with conventional change programmes”.

My approach is centred on taking businesses outside of their products, processes and systems, enabling them to experience things the way their customers and people do.  Working closely with teams across all levels, I follow a 5-step process:

This approach creates an environment in which a new customer-centric culture becomes truly embedded.