Customer Experience – The Benefits

There are a number of compelling reasons why some of the largest organisations in the world are putting customer engagement at the top of their agenda:


Positive word of mouth created by engaged customers has always been incredibly powerful, but never more so than today, leveraged by the strength and viral capabilities of social media – it simply breeds, multiplies and costs nothing.


Give anyone a great customer experience and they’ll reward you with engagement: They buy more, listen more, work harder for you, respect you, like you.  The list is endless.  To create the behaviour you want in others, first you must engage.


Prospects are more likely to become customers if they feel engaged.

Reduced costs

If you understand what really motivates your customers, you can influence their behaviour by appealing to them. This can create substantial cost savings in both acquisition and fulfillment.

Market intelligence and Innovation

There is nothing like customer feedback to understand how you’re perceived and where you can improve. Engage your customers and they will provide a goldmine of thoughts and ideas.


Customers will have an increased bond with your business if they feel good about their interaction with you. Once they’ve felt that sense of familiarity, trust and comfort, they’ll find it tougher to go elsewhere.

Forewarned is Forearmed

If your customers are engaged and something goes wrong, they will complain to you rather than to other potential customers. It’s a great form of crisis management.


Engaged customers become your biggest fans, leading to free and powerful word of mouth advertising.


Customers will readily pay more for an experience that is both functionally and emotionally rewarding.


Who doesn’t love being surrounded by people who like and respect them?  Who doesn’t get a real buzz out of win/win situations?  Get this right, reap the rewards and you’ll find yourself loving what you do a whole lot more.