Customer Experience – The Science

Blind Spots

When people possess a deep knowledge of something, they lose touch with how it’s viewed and received by others. This ‘insider’ knowledge creates blind spots where it can feel an impossible task to create that shift needed to differentiate and innovate.  It’s generally these blind spots that prevent companies from connecting with their customers in a way that really appeals to them.

The answers to customer needs are already there, held within organisations and the potential is enormous.  All it needs is a catalyst to make sense of things, lift the lid and unlock this potential in an innovative way.

The Hidden Answers

Asking customers direct questions about what they think can go some way towards understanding what they need, expect and want, but the answers to what drives them to act in the way they do are often found in unexpected places.

Most of what customers feel about their experience happens in their subconscious, so they are often not aware of what motivates them. Simply asking them direct questions won’t uncover everything you need to know.

It’s Not Them, it’s You

Frequently, your existing processes and communication methods are likely to be driving your customers’ behaviour.

If your customers repeatedly do things that bemuse and frustrate you, chances are that you’re making them act in this way – you just don’t realise it.

If these behaviours take up unnecessary resource, cause conflict and don’t drive sales, it’s often down to your approach. Understanding is key.