The Approach

Being faced with the job of creating a noticeable shift in your business’ customer experience can be incredibly daunting.  It can feel confusing and an enormous undertaking, leaving many business leaders not knowing where to start.

To combat these concerns and barriers, we’ve perfected an approach that’s centred around clarity, focus and simplicity.  This means that we quickly help you see a way forward, you’re clear about what’s needed and then you decide on your level of commitment.  This can be as simple as a review of your customer journey or a quick win workshop to set you on your way or you may decide that you want to embark on a full programme with us.

Our services include:

Customer Experience Review
After many years developing products and processes, it’s easy for organisations for lose sight of what it feels like from a customers’ perspective.  This is where we look at your business using our ‘Outside-in‘ approach; seeing things through your customers’ eyes. We’ll then develop a full report of recommendations and help you understand what needs to be done.

One to One Coaching Interviews
Here we get right underneath the challenges, opportunities and aspirations of your key people.  These sessions are designed to draw out what lies beneath the surface.

Customer Journey Mapping
Using our knowledge of what perceptions, motivators and detractors customers are using when they interact with your business, we overlay customer thinking and emotions with your business processes to create the ideal solution.  Once this is completed and agreed, a template is designed so that any changes you make in the future remain on track.

Innovation and Insight Workshops
There’s some real magic in these workshops.  Using global best practice, proven innovation tools and behavioural science research, your team will not only gain some real insight into why people do the things they do, they’ll also come up with some great ideas and drive solid change.  These workshops have proved to be incredibly motivational as they act as a catalyst for collaboration and involvement, at every level. This is where people really start to think differently.  When we deliver the incredibly successful and proven tools and methodology of Think Global Innovation Management, you can be sure you’re getting the best.

Different from workshops – These training sessions are used where you feel you need to put your new learnings into practice.  They’re not always necessary but if you need them, we design them with you.

Personal Objectives
These outcome-based objectives have a 3-fold benefit for your people (and ultimately your business): They see how they’re being developed, they’re clear about how they benefit both them and the business and finally, they’re given that crucial element – autonomy.  These objectives are designed to keep your people motivated and engaged.

Data Analysis
You may have this sown up or you may feel you need a trained eye to work with you and get the most out of your customer insights.  If you need it, we can help you with it.

Our services can be delivered as stand-alone products or as a fully managed programme


How we work

The best results come from a joint approach because if you don’t fully understand it, you won’t live it. Where we have strong client involvement we get better engagement and ownership.  This enables us to maximise coaching, knowledge transfer and skill development in your people. So what’s different? Here are a few thoughts as to why we think we are unique:

  • We can work fast but believe you get more value from a steady pace that matches the needs of your business at the time. People should see this as Business as Usual not “another project we don’t have time for”.
  • We stay with you and share the highs and lows together. Your targets are our targets.
  • We are highly flexible and can change direction in the plan if we agree it’s the right thing to do, or we can halt temporarily to support those unexpected glitches that we know businesses experience from time to time.
  • We facilitate, coach and support but you do the work. Over the course of the engagement we aim for approximately 70% of the effort coming from your team and 30% from ours. Of course, if you need us to help more we can but our aim remains to transfer skills and capabilities to your people.  This ensures longevity.
  • We work across the organisation not in one area. It’s essential for buy in, it helps us understand individual challenges and also ensures we grasp everyone’s perspective on how the business can be more customer-led.
  • Our objective is to equip your people so your business can continue without us and remain fully customer led.


How we charge for our services

We know that building sustainable customer-led cultures doesn’t happen overnight.  We also know that our clients want to make sure they are spending their precious budget on the right things, at the right time and not all at once on the wrong things? We’ve thought about that and we think you’ll like how we charge for our services.

Where our clients only want a smaller element of our programme and they feel that once they understand what’s required they can go it alone, it’s a one-off charge for the project.  Where you want us to work with you on a more ongoing basis to keep up momentum, we can work on a flexible retainer basis. Here, once we have agreed the work, we fix the monthly fee with you for an agreed period. If we need to double our effort one month to get something done, you’ll still pay the same monthly fee. Alternatively, if you need to slow down one month due to other pressures, you can ‘bank’ the fees. We simply adjust the planned workload in future months to compensate.

With a retained relationships, the benefits are clear:

  • Outcome focused – The work gets done when needed without the distractions of  ’overspend’ discussion.
  • Flexible – We can agree to change what we do as new priorities or challenges emerge over time.
  • Simple – There are no surprise bills from unexpected ‘extra work’.
  • In control – You can manage your budget better and keep Finance happy.
  • You save money – We can offer lower rates for longer engagements.
  • Low risk – There is no tie in to a contract period until after the first month, so you know you like us before you commit.

The only additional costs incurred may be for third party services and licenses. We may also have expenses each month but we can put a small budget cap on those as well.

Of course, if you need a different approach, we are happy to talk about how that can be structured.